Kamy Johnson

Family Goldendoodle

Kamy Johnson

I was asked to write a little something about me… what is there to say? I love everyone I meet, especially if they pet me. If you rub my belly I will be your BFF until the end of time.

I was born in Hermiston, OR spring of 2013; my mama is a Golden Retriever; my dad is a Champion Black Standard Poodle. I had 10 siblings that I started my life with. When I was 10 weeks my family took me home to Vancouver, WA. I have an easy life as an indoor dog. On the days my Daddy works from home, I spend the whole day with my head on his knee getting love pats. The kiddos are fun to play with and Mama is my comforter and supporter, especially when she is my mid-wife. The cat… well, I kind of raised that troublemaker; she still suckles on my ears when she gets a chance.

I get spoiled at Rozo Doggie Day Spa every 3 months, my favorite place to go to get a bath and a trendy cut.

I have been told that I am lovey- dovey, super smart, and easy going. I’m not much of a talker; I mostly make a purring sound when I am enjoying getting loves and hugs. Oh hugs, they are the bestest! If you come meet my children I will hug you just to show you how wonderful it is.

I speak 2 languages, human verbal dog cues and hand cues; well, 3 if you count my native language of Woof.

If you feel like you will be a good forever home for my precious babies, let’s talk. You can find my mama’s talking device number on the Contact Us page.

Hug you soon,

Kamy Johnson